Detailed description of the tachi koshirae


Picture of Japanese name
in koshirae bukuro(bag)
Total hardware (Oak leaves hardware hand rim head legs, helmet monkey of gold TS) unsigned Oboro silver crepe stone ground
Kosirae paulownia Crest Arabesque figure copper ground volume carved gold plated
Sword unsigned direct embedded AOI-Oboro silver Kuma area left ear spade Spades left lug painting
Pattern tea gold field wearing brown yarn diamond volume
Same pattern of sheath fixture delivery volume
Full length Full length of the koshirae Full length of the koshirae89.5cm
Grip length Length of the tsuka22.5cm
Length of the saya Length of the saya67.0cm
鞘Curvature(SORI) A curve of saya2.95cm
Tsuba tsubaLength Length:7.13cm Width Width:7.11cm
Thickness of setsupadai Thickness of setsupadai:0.55cm
Weight Weight: 160 g
Country(KUNI)・Period(JIDAI)The Edo era.
Registration -
Certificate NBTHK Hozon 28/10/2006




金梨子地桐紋唐草金蒔絵鞘糸巻太刀拵 Picture of Certificate

金梨子地桐紋唐草金蒔絵鞘糸巻太刀拵 Picture of parts



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