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Voice of customer


24 Jan. 2023  Mr,L(USA)

I received my sword, what a beautiful masterpiece! I am glad to have a chance to get it. Thank you so much! Sincerely,

26 Jun. 2023  Mr,B (USA)

I just wanted to let you know I featured the Yasumitsu sword that I received from your company on my YouTube Channel. It is such a beautiful sword and koshirae I wanted to share it online.
Please see link: https://youtu.be/uXyuhuEHNcg
Thank You again so much for the great customer service! I put a link to e-sword in the description of the video.
Kind Regards,
California, USA

9 Jun. 2023  Mr,M (SWITZERLAND)

Vielen Dank für die sehr zuverlässige und schnelle Lieferung um die halbe Welt.
Ein Wunder ist geschehen!!! Ein Kindheitstraum in Erfüllung gegangen. Als Träger des 2. DAN Shorin Ryu International Karate eine Ehre für mich im Besitz eines Kulturgut es aus Japan zu sein. Eine hervorragende Qualität eines Katana haben Sie mir geliefert.
Ich freue mich weiterhin mit Ihnen Geschäfte zu machen.
Best wishes from Switzerland aus Zürich. Aus dem Land der Berge, Schokolade und Kühe.
Herzliche Grüsse und bis bald wieder.

05 May. 2023  Mr,PS (France)

Hove that everything is fine for you.
We received the katana made by Mr Miairi in very good condition and very well packed. Thank you very much.
Such a wonderful piece ! The work and talent of Mr Miyairi is unbelievable !
The quality of koshirae is above standard as well.
I am very happy and I feel good by admiring and taking care of the articles purchased in your web store.
I look forward to buying a new item in your very good selection soon.
Sorry to have been late for the answer.
Have a nice day
Once again thank you very much to you and your store !
p.s : Please feel free to use this answer in your guest advice list and show it to your future customers.

26 April, 2023  Mr,MO (USA)

The tsuba arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for packing this item so well. It will take an honored place in my collection. So far after 50 years of collecting, this is the only tsuba that I have found from Echigo.
Best regards,

26 April, 2023  Mr,VC (Canada)

I just wanted to let you know that the package has arrived safely and that the sword was beyond my expectations. The only thing of note was that the shirasaya was really loose and the blade slid out when I picked it up. I’ve already fixed that and everything else was fine. If I’m ever looking for another sword, I’ll definitely check out your products first.

21 September. 2021  Mr,G (USA)

The shipment arrived today, Very quickly for clearance, I’m so happy and appreciate your help
I will definitely come back!
Btw: I have a question, can you let me know usually what time has the new items lineup?


27 April. 2021  Mr,M USA

Sorry for the delay, package arrived safe and sound. My 5’th Kuniie and the only one with this signature. Very pleased. Now I have to find a Kuniie tonto....

25 April. 2021  Mr,U USA (Japanese American)

Masahide arrived yesterday evening in perfect condition. I do not have words to tell you how pleased and impressed I am with this sword. I am most grateful for your patients and understanding with my desire not to have it shipped by surface mail. If it is no bother, I have a question.
Would you know who originally owned this sword or its past owners? This is such an exquisite katana, I would like to know about its provenance.
Thank you again for your patients and excellent service.

2 December. 2020  Mr,M (USA)

I received the Sukesada tanto. It is a nice example.
Thank you for your excellent packing job and fast service.
I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.
Best regards,

9 November. 2020  Mr,C, (GERMANY)

Thank you very much for the great service and a fantastic tsuba! The tsuba arrived today.
I am very happy.
Thank you so much and hope to do business again in the future.
Have a great day

4 November. 2020  Mr,J, (SOUTH AUSTRALIA)

The Daisho arrived safely today and thank you for having the Kashira repaired I am happy with the repair it looks fine.
I look forward to dealing with e-sword when all the problems currently prevailing finally subside.
Best regards

22 October. 2020  Mr,N, (USA)

Thank you very much for the tracking information.
The swords have already arrived today, and I am very pleased with them.
They are magnificent blades and very stout!
I am very impressed with your excellent communication, responsiveness, and service.
I look forward to more business with you in the future.
My highest compliments, and thank you very kindly.

7 September. 2020  Ms,N(Romania)

I recieved the sword yesterday, Its amazing! We are very happy about it.
Thank you very much!
All the best, Blessings!

31 August. 2020  Mr,F(Italia)

Thanks for the beautyfull token you shipped.
It's all perfect as usual with You.
I hope we will have more deals in near future.
Thanks a lot again and stay fine, You and your dears!
Sincerly best regards

21 August. 2020  Mr,S (SWEDEN)

Today i recived the tetsusen,very pleased and with interesting Japanese history. Thank you very much,so happy for this item.
Hope you are in good health and take care.
Very best regards.

22 July. 2020  Mr,R (FRANCE)

Hello !
I received the cultural gem of your country with great emotion and respect. This Katana is superb! Thank you very much for accepting that I become the owner of this treasure! Stay healthy you and your loved ones.

2 July. 2020  Mr,O (MALAYSIA)

Just wanted to let you know that I have safely received the katana and I am satisfied with it. However, I do prefer the first katana that I bought from you. By the way, I really appreciate the beauty of the Japanese sword and wonder if you can share with me the criteria of a good katana. Once again, thank you very much for your patience and holding on the katana for me. Rgds

13 June. 2020  Mr,D (USA)

I just received the sword! It is beautiful and I am very happy. Thank you so much for this amazing piece! Have a great weekend, be safe and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Please let me know if you ever have a korehira watanabe katana for sale. Take care! Regards,

18 February. 2020  Mr.A (HONG KONG)

The parcel has received today. The katana is in very good condition and matching to your descriptions, I appreciated.
Thank you again and I am looking forwards to have new order with you again very soon.
Best Regards

23 December. 2019  Mr.A (Australia)

The kanenobu Gunto arrived safely today.
I am very happy with my purchase and thank you for the easy transaction.
I look for a Yasukunito in similar condition if you come across one.
Look for ward to doing more business with you.
Kind Regards


7 December. 2018  Mr.A (USA)

I just wanted to inform you that the sword arrived today and I'm very impressed with its presentation.
Thank you for allowing me the honor of being able to enjoy such a wonderful blade.
If you know Kumamoto Yatsushiro please let him know his blade will be well taken care of and respected.
I look forward to doing more Business with you in the future.

In the utmost sincerity,


23 October. 2017  Mr,F (Itaria Nihon Token Kyokai)

Thanks for a such wonderfull piece of Japan history and an interesting piece of study of its smithing school.
It is everything perfect as usually. Super fast ship, super carefully done package, and super clear communications.
It is important understand that some minor "defects" are not real defects, but plus of traditional swordmaking and other "defects" are nithing more than plus of the time flow.
I promise to respect this token and to mantain it to next keeper in better way i can.
Hope to have other deal with You in near future!


13 October. 2017  Mr.S (USA)

I just received the Naokatsu Tanto. I like it very much. i hope to deal with you in the future.
Best regards,

12 October. 2017  Mr.R (USA)

I received the Yari and the Koshirae and am very happy!
Now I am starting to save some money again to buy another Japanese sword.
I am looking for a Nagamaki with an ubu nakago, not a nagamaki-naoshi.
If you know someone that has one for sale for a reasonable price please let me know.
I will be watching the E-Sword website. Thank you again, it was a pleasure doing business with you.
I look forward to another successful business transaction with you.
Have a good day sir,

3 July. 2017  Mr.R (USA)

I received the Yari and the Koshirae in very good condition!

I am very happy with the product and the service!
I am interested in buying another Omi Yari that is from the Koto era and has a nagasa (spear blade length) of 74 cm or longer.
I can afford the price of up to $4000.00 US dollars. I see you have another Omi Yari for the price of 750,000 Japanese yen.
I can not afford that price but should one become available in my price range I will be interested in purchasing it.

Thank you very much, and have a good day.


11 April. 2017  Mr. M (New Zealand)

Hope all is well with you.
Both courier parcels have arrived.
The Naginata is in lovely condition, thank you for such fantastic service and products.
It is a great pleasure dealing with you. And I look forward to my next purchase.
Again thank you very much.

Very kindest regards

16 July. 2016  Mr. F (Italy)

Thank You Mr. Masayuki,

Initially i've got some noise at italian custom for the invoice change, but now it is all ok!
I've just taken Your beautifull token! (Do not watch at EMS track service, it is in my hand in my katana kake now)
Good Package and Juho-token-rui-torokusho copy is inside! (super thank you!)
I've just finished to use uchiko and choji oil, this token is spectacular!!
It will be a very interesting study object at next kantei at I.N.T.K..
Very beautyfull katana for one of the 2 great Harima Master of Shinto Period!
It has been a pleasure to bought it froim You! I hope i'll buy again from You!


16 Jun. 2016  Mr. B (Portugal)

Finally I was able to overcome all the paper work plus authorizations and receive the sword in my home.
The sword is awesome as expected!!!
Thank you very much for all your help and good service! Hope to do business with you again soon!!!

Best regards!

19 Jan. 2016  Mr. H (Germany)

Today the Tsuguhira arrived here at our home!
We wan't to let you know that very are very happy with this very nice and healthy sword!
Very well packed it arrived here savely!
Thank you again!
We hope to deal with you again in the near future!
Best Regards


10 Dec. 2015  Mr. O (U.S.A)

I received the item today.
It's beautiful! Thank you!
Also, I wanted to say that your communication was EXCELLENT! I especially liked the receipt for tracking information.
This was a MUCH BETTER transaction than my first purchase!
I will be sure to leave some feedback at the Nihonto Message boards!


A VERY happy California customer of e-Sword,


16 Nov. 2015  Mr. M (New Zealand)

Hello Sir, my Katana 1510-1086 (shiga taro minamoto hideaki ) arrivied this morning.
It is a wonderful blade.
Domo Arigato Gozaimasita for selling me this magnificent sword, and your excellent service.
Kindest regards and thank you.
Domo Arigato Gozaimasita


22 Jun. 2015  Mr. O (Norway's photographer)

Dear Sir,

I just want to inform you about, that I have received the Ichijo school tsuba.

I’m very happy with the quality and I must say that your pictures did not make this tsuba justice.

I am a photographer and I hope you don’t find me rude to give some input regarding this matter.

Many Nihonto websites make the items they sell look better in photo than they are in real life.

I’m used to judging photo, but most people are not and are easily fooled.

With this Ichijo school tsuba it was the opposite and I was looking at this tsuba for months, but thought it looked to dirty to be interesting.

When I now hold it in my hand, I can see that it is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

This is meant as a friendly advice regarding photographing tsuba and kodogu.

I think the photographs of the swords on your website is perfectly fine.

The easiest way to make nice images of tsuba and kodogu, is to make sure that the flash/daylight is reflecting in parts of the items.

That makes it so more easy to judge the condition and patina of the metal and the items looks much better.

It is also important that the images are color corrected to daylight to get the correct colors on the items.

Please feel free to contact me if you like to get some more detailed information on how to do the pictures.

You where kind to give me substantial discount on this tsuba and this is my way of showing that I appreciate your kindness.

I include here some quick images I did of the tsuba after I lightly cleaned it a little, to show me my point.
I have not done any retouch on the images and it took less than 10min. to do.

This is the picture on your website.

Here is if I put the light in a to low position, but the image is color corrected og the right exposed.

This is the correct way in my opinion, with more reflection, and this is also more the correct way it appears when I see it in reality.
Now it easy to see the full beauty of this tsuba.


As I said, I hope I not have offended you in any way with this input and please feel free for you or your photographer, to contact me if there is a need for more detailed instructions.

Thank you so much for your business and please Sir, do contact me if you come across more Ichijo Sekka-mon tsuba or kodogu!

I am also looking for a reasonably priced hira-zukuri long wakizashi or katana.
Preferably in a reasonably good polish, but to keep the price more modest, in shirasaya, mumei and with some flaws are acceptable.
I will keep a look at your website, but if you come across some sword which might be to low quality for you to want to post it on your site or also otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact me any time.

Best regards


10 Jun. 2015  Mr. S (Germany)

I got the sword today, it is really beautiful and its a great honor for me.
I would like to thank you that you made it possible and for the great Customer Service!
With kind Regrads,


29 May. 2015  Mr. V (Germany)

Finally the sword with its koshirae arried here savely.

I'm very happy with this package and hope we can deal more in the near future!

Thank you for all!

Best Regards


18 Feb. 2015  Mr. L (USA)

Armor arrived today!
Oh my God, I LOVE IT.
Thank you so much!!!!

16 Feb. 2015  Mr. S (Ukraine)

I received my item two days ago.
I am happy with my new purchasing.
The blade of this catana is excellently. It is best item of my collection XIX century. I sincerely grateful to you for the wonderful thing.
I will watch your site in future for the replenishment of collection. If it possible, inform me , pls, about your new goods receipt
Thanks and Regards,

8 Oct. 2014  Mr. S (Italy)


Got it all! Beautiful !
! I'm really happy with the purchase made?? by you.
I wonder 'who, in a bit' of time, decides to buy a 'else.
Thank you for your courtesy and sending to you and your family my most 'greetings

Best regards

15 Aug. 2014  Dr. V (Germany)

Please let me thank you for your very friendly and very fast
transaction processing.

Herewith I would like to confirm of the receipt of the sword
in best shape.

Thank you also for the very careful packaging.

It was a great pleasure to have this deal with you.

Wish you a great weekend.

Best regards

26 Jun. 2014  Mr. S (Ukrainian who lives in Hungary.)

I have received the katana, it is beautiful, I am very pleased to have such a beautiful item .
For the person of studying and practicing aikido the long period to have the real Japanese sword with good history it is a great honor.
I am grateful to you for this opportunity. Thank you very much.
I am sure I will continue to visit your website and will purchase other subjects in the future.
If you want you can use my message for "voice of customers".

26 May 2014  Mr. L (Italy)

The menpo arrived in Italy, everything was perfect.
I am very satisfied, it is really very nice.
I would to thank you for this purchase.
I hope I can still get other things from you.
I like the 62 ken kabuto in your shop, although I would like a kabuto sabiji, without urushi.
If you find something can you let me know?
Thanks again and greetings from Italy!

20 May 2014  Mr. S (Sweden)

Thank you very much.
Today i recived the item,very
pleased and happy for the
Zatoichi stick.You always have
interesting items !
Now its very nice at our country-
place,at least 10 big cherry trees
are bloming.(I will try send you a
couple of pictures)
Hope you are very well.

8 Dec. 2013  Mr. B (U.S.A)

Hope this message finds you and everyone at E-Sword doing well.
I received the katana today. It is spectacular, and exceeds my expectations.
Let me extend my sincerest appreciation to you for all of your assistance with this purchase.
I look forward to possibly purchasing items from E-Sword in the future.

Best Regards,

31 May 2013  Mr. S (U.S.A)

I received the parcel early yesterday and I am in awe of how beautiful the katana is. The craftsmanship is utterly gorgeous and I can't wait to start using it for tameshigiri.
Thank you so much for everything!

12 Jan.2013  Mr. S (Sweden)

Thank you very much.Today i recived
the Tetsusen,very interesting,i am so pleased.
Very good condition,and nice pictures in the book,
a good compliment for the Tetsusen.
Hope you are very well .

Itsumo totemo kansha shite imasu.
Iroiro to arigatou gozaimashita!
Yoi shumatsu O.

Best regards

20 Nov. 2012  Mr. M (Germany)

Your sword arrived here, last Friday, in good shape and without complication. It’s really a fine sword and I like it very much.

Best regards,

12 Apl. 2012  Mr. F (Belgium)

J'ai bien recu mon katana et je vous remercie de votre professionnalisme.
Le katana me convient tres bien : j'ai enfin realise un reve qui date de 20 ans.

Good evening,
I received my katana and thank you for your professionalism.
The katana is fine with me: I finally realized a dream that dates back 20 years.

3 Oct. 2011  Mr. B (Switzerland)

I received today the katana, it is beautiful, I am very pleased to have such a beautiful object, especially me, who am a lover of Japan.

I keep it with great attention, respect for people who are made, I promise you.

I look forward to soon recommend a new katana, passion....

Best posts and thank you again.

27 Jun. 2011 Mr. D (Australia [South Australia])

Just a quick email to inform you that the Tsuba [Item No.1010-6028] arrived safely today.
I am very pleased with it as it will suit a particular sword I have.
Thank you for sending this item so quickly, it is greatly ppreciated.
I look forward to possibly purchasing other items from you in the future.

Best regards

13 Apr. 2011  Mr. D (South Australia)

Just a quick mail to tell you that the lacquer sword stand arrived safely
today, I am very pleased with it. I look forward to displaying several of
my swords on it.
Also, given the problems that Japan is experiencing at present I hope you
and your staff and families are safe.
Once again, thank you very much, take care.
Best regards

21 Feb. 2011  Mr. R (Belgium)

Dear sir,

I'm pleased to tell you that Fedex did an excellent job; the shipment was delivered to my home address yesterday already (i was not home) and i Picked it up today at Fedex Brussels.
The wakizashi is a splendid object; I am very pleased and proud to own it and i shall take good care of it.
Thank you very much for an excellent service.
Would you let me know when you have a daisho ? (with blade)
arigato gozaimasu;

4 Nov. 2010  Mr. K (Denmark)

I have received the sword. Everything is as it should, thank you very much. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
I am very satisfied.
Hope to do business with you againsoon.
Best of luck in the future.
Yours Sincerely

14 Oct. 2010  Mr. M (Australia)

Good Morning & Hello, Sword has arrived today safely .
I am very happy with purchase and thank you for the replacement of brass part.This sword will "honour" my home.Thank you once again for a smooth transaction .

30 Jul. 2010  Mr. L (France)

Your EMS parcel arrived this afternoon
Thanks a lot-I am very happy with the tsubas
Sorry Paypal needed so long to pay you
Next time I shall act otherwise
Hoping to do some more business with you
Best regards

14 Apr. 2010  Mr. R (Russia)

I want to inform you that I finally received the parcel with sword from you.
I am very grateful to you for your honesty and helpfulness.
It is very important when one does business and deals with other people.
I am sure I will continue to visit your website and study the proposed items and get to know Japanese culture better.
If I have any questions I’ll contact you straight away.
Best regards

2 Apr. 2010  Mr. B (Belgium)

Sword has arrived, I'm very pleased with it thx. You may always use my name as reference for your reliability if you need.

29 Mar. 2010  Mr. S (Poland)

Thank You wery much for Certificates. Katana Zatoichi stick I resived from
You is fantastic! I was very busy abrout thats why I sending this e-mail
I wish You all the best. From next saturday we will celebait in Poland Ester
Hollyday. So i will drink japanese sake for Your helt and prospetity.
With best regards and great respect.

11 Mar. 2010  Mr. S (Poland)

I received the sword yesterday, we are really grateful for your kindness and understanding during whole shipment process.

My boss is reallypleased and amazed about the quality of the sword and the supportfrom your side.

16 Feb. 2010  Mr. S (Poland)

I would like to thank you very much. I just resived fantatic swords from you.
I am very happy. But i kindly asking you for one more favor.
If you be so kind to send me by Fed Ex ( I will pay for shipmant) separate description of each sword on your Company E Sword paper with your signature. For instany very important for me is 1395 year when beautiful tan tou was made.
For me as a collector who dont know Japanese language such descriptions in english is very important! Thank you in advance
With great respect .

30 Nov. 2009  Ms. X (USA)

Many thanks for your nice swords again!

They're all much better than pictured. My friends is very content and so am I.

many thanks!

25 Oct. 2008  Mr D(Belgium)

The Armor has alredy arived today ( that was fast ) I would like to thank you so much,I am so glad with this armor. I hope to do busines with you again in the future, everything was so OK, the invoice the package and so on..again Domo-Arigato-Gozaimasu.

Have a nice day and my Best Regards.      

24 Oct. 2008  Mr P(South Africa)

I have received the koshirae and am very happy with my purchase.
Thank you.Regards,        

14 Oct. 2008  Mr D(SWITZERLAND)

BEST REGARDS,         

6 Jun. 2008  Mr M(Germany)

Nihonto arrived via Fedex without any problems yesterday. The Blade and koshirae looks wonderful and I am very satisfied with it.

I am very pleased to have made business with you and I surely will come back to you for some more swords to buy.

Therefore, I would kindly like to ask: I am looking since a long time for a Kyu-Gunto with traditionally made blade and metal koshirae in good condition. Do you see the opportunity to offer such a sword ?

17 Apr. 2008  Mr V(Russian who lives in China)

Thank You for Your message.

I am from Russia. My family and I are living in China for more than 10 years. I am a representitive of a Russian company (pharmaceuticals). My son has gratuated from a university in Beijing. He married a Russian girl (a representitive of a Russian company too).

Regarding swords.

Yours item was not the first I have received from abroad.

Before ordering swords from abroad I have contacted with my police department and the customs (EMS and post customs). I advised them that I am going to import the above items only for my collection, I would not do business with the swords, I will pay tax (10%) from the CIP value of the goods. The customs approved my import.

As I know in case of importing of a weapon like a sword, knife and so on one must arrange a letter from police department to the customs, I have saw such a letter in the customs, issued for a Beijing citizen.
Importing of cold weapon (as I unrestand) is not prohibited in China, especiaaly if it is an antique. Usage of such items (and arranging of the letter)is the police consideration.

In any case please take into consideration that situation in China is favourable to the foreigners.

Waiting good news from You.

2008年4月17日  Mr V(Sweden)

Thank you for your last mail,today i recived the tantou.I liked it,very nice and i admire the age,in so good shape.
With me its very fine and now i am waiting for our cherry blossom to come,i have at our countryhouse seven very old and big trees.Now we will have warmer and soon they will blossom.It is a wonderful time,so beautiful.I am also dreaming to see yours, some day.

Have they come yet ?Hope you are in good shape to !

Have a nice day and best regards .

21 Feb. 2008  Mr S(Sweden)

Today , 20/2 i recived the tantou.Everything went very well,your incoice was perfect.I am so happy,and pleased,a very nice masterpiece from Mr.Yamashita Shigenori.Please send him my regards.

If you come in touch with him.You will soon hear from me again.

Hope you have a nice day and best regards.

21 Feb. 2008  Mr E(USA)

Thank you for your email. I am looking for swords by two (2) different sword families: First is the Horii group starting with Taneyoshi and ending with the current member, Tanetada Horii. Within this group are the Mikasa swords made from the steel of the Mikasa battleship. I am also looking for any of the small memorbilia that was offered as souvenirs also made from the steel of the battleship. There are small cannons, airplanes, helmets, ect that were made from excess steel from this ship. Also the second group of swords of interest are the Gassan group starting in the Shinshinto era with Sadakazu San and ending with the current member from Nara. If you have anything from the above "want list" could you please contact me or Dr Wada San who is helping me with my collecting. Respectfully.

20 Feb. 2008  Mr K(Latvia)

I have received today the package.
Excellent spearand very fast shipping time!Very satisfied!!!
I am very glad with my purchase.
Thank a lot for fast shipping and great packaging!
You are selling a real Japanese things!
Best wishes to you and Japan from me and my country-Latvia!!!!

19 Feb. 2008  Mr E(USA)

The sword arrived and I am very happy with my purchase. We are coming to Tokyo later this year.

Do you have a shop in the Tokyo area ?

I am sure we will do repeat business, Respectfully.

14 Feb. 2008  Mr G(France)

The blade is just arrived today, and I am very satisfied with it.
beautiful blade and superb koshirae.
thank you for your quick and sure delivery, and for the little price for
the custom.
I need now to go back to work to earn some money ,and in a few year
perhaps, to come back to your shop for another blade.
thank you and have a nice day,

10 Sep. 2007  Mr M (Poland)

I just received this EMS .
Daisho tsuba's are very nice , Thank's !
Have you any knowledge about this artist ? (Jakusi)

Best regards

31 Aug. 2007  V様(Netherlands)

Hello ,

Today I recieved my sword and it is beautiful I am very glad with it and thank you .

7 Jun. 2007  Mr C (Hong Kong)

Apologized that I reply so late.I received all the item already,thank you very much and those items are more beautiful even than the photos, I hope can seek more excellent items in your shop next time.thank you.


6 Jun. 2007  Mr L (Hong Kong)

thanks a lot for your efficiency, I rec' the sword already, I am really satisfy on the condition this time, I hope next sword I order can get the same level.

Best regards,

30 May 2007  Mr J (Netherlands)

The Edo-Higo tsuba arrived in good order.
I am very pleased with it!
Thank you for your swift service.
Kind regards

12 Apr. 2007  Mr R (British who lives in Turkey)

I am pleased to tell you that both swords have finally arrived and they are in safe keeping with my friends. I was lucky to have the opportunity to see the swords as I have just recently visited England and they are both more amazing then I could imagine.

I am reading as much material as I can on all the different aspects Japanese swords so that I have a better understanding of the two blades you have sent me.

Once again can I thank you for all your help and satisfaction with your company. I hope in the next few months to find a Tachi with nagasa roughly 85 cm, strong koshi-zori, and slender low shinogi.

Pleasure to have your acquaintance.

Best Wishes

7 Apr. 2007  Mr R (France)

Received today Tsuba, a very nice item & great service,
I'm not an expert in Japanese reading, Can you explain me the inscriptions
on the certificate ?
Sincerely yours

Thanks so much.
I Hope to deal with you again.

4 Mar. 2007  Mr S (Netherlands)

Today I am happy to inform you that the package you've sent me has arrived.
I have unpacked it and it is beautiful. I want to thank you for your effort and help!
I shall take good care of it, and thanks for the wonderful object.
Domo arigato.


21 Feb. 2007  Mr Y (USA)

I am sending you this message
to let you know that I received the sword today in good condition and that I
am satisfied and pleased with this sword (wakizashi Kijuu 0610-2020). So
everything is okay! I just want to make a small recommendation for your
future customers that you use even more plastic cushion/packing materials to
keep from moving around/damage inside the box. American Post Office is very
careless, they throw packages around! Especially protect the ends; that will
save you potential troubles in the future. I have had two saya damaged
(split open) by the US Post Office in past years. But Kijuu, everything
okay! I will recommend your service to others; thank you for this sword...

20 Feb. 2007  Mr R (British who lives in Turkey)

I am pleased to let you know that the sword has arrived in Marmaris without any damage.

It arrived last week and on Friday I went to the post office to collect but unfortunately customs will not release it to me. As is common with Turkish authorities critical information of importance is only given when it is too late.

I am currently trying to correct the matter but this may take a few days, the sword will remain in bonded customs in Marmaris. I am told by customs that if I cannot resolve this matter within one month it will have to be sent back to your address. I am not pleased with this and they should have told me when I enquired before it's purchase.

If this is the case please accept my humble apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Any charges this may incur I shall accept.

I will let you know exactly what it happening in the next few days.

On a more positive note the post office allowed me to examine the sword on Friday and I can say that the pictures of this sword on your web site do not do the sword justice, it is more beautiful than I could have imagined. Holding it up to the light to reveal the full colour of the hamon can only be compared with looking at silk at different angles. I feel privileged to just see an authentic Japanese katana with my own eyes.The post office officials say that they have never seen something so beautiful.

One last concern I noticed that the papers of authenticity are not with the sword, is this because it must kept in Japan or has has it been misplaced when customs searched the package ?

Please do not let this cause too much worry, I am definitely hoping to purchase wakizashi kanetada item number 0650-2009 please make a reservation when I next e-mail you.

Many thanks.

25 Jan.2007  Mr S (Italy)


I have received, the sword shipped by you.
Really a fine object!!!

Hope to make further purchases with you.

20 Oct. 2006  Mr A (England)

I hope that you and family are in the best of health.

Ths sword stick arrived safely. One of the box ends had opened in transit so i
kindly sugest that you strenghten the end of the boxs so as to stop this
happening again.

I am happy with the sword stick and hope to buy from you.

20 Oct. 2006  Mr I (France)

I just received the tsuba 10 minutes ago, everything was fine.

Thank you very much,

Sincerely yours,

10 Oct. 2006  Mr M (Germany)

the Naginata arrived today , and I am very happy about !!

Thank you very much for the fine Naginata I am very glad about the fine quality of this Blade and I enjoy it very much.

Have a nice day.

Sincerely yours

27 Sep. 2006  Mr S (Sweden)

Thank you for your last item, i am very pleased .

I will be in touch in the future,

It wont be my last item,and it works very well with you,thankyou and have a nice day.

27 Jul. 2006  Mr V (Italy)

today I have received the sword, finally!!!

I had some problem with customs but I resolved everything by myself (in my
country it's said: who does it alone, does it for 3).

I really thank you for all: for the figures (great for collecting or for my
nephew); thanks for the maintenance kit; thanks for the sword bag; thanks
for the blue square cloth with the family mon (I don't know...what is this
cloth with the mon ?).

You've been correct and prompt, gentle and kind. What a wonderfull person!
Thanks again for all and I hope we will deal again (as I will regain money I
will buy a tsuba for it).

Best regards and have a good summer.

p.s.: when you will decide to spend your holiday in Italy, I will make my
best to attract you in Sicily, my wondeefull land!

30 Jun. 2006  Mr F (Canada)

Just to let you know the sword has arrived safely. Thank you very much.

Now I want to let you know that the package was damadged I am lucky that the sword was not damadged.
I think you need to reinforce the package with a lenght of wood so that it will not bend for future shippments..

Sword collectors always ask for the provenance of a sword [ History] because it adds to the ownership of the sword. Question Can you tell me where the yukiHiro blade came from and who the previous owners were It makes collecting that much more interesting to know the story behind the sword

Please let me know if you have any more Hizento, TadaYoshi or TadaHiro Etc.

20 Apr. 2006  Mr S (Sweden)
First of all , I would like to thank you very much , now I have my Wakizashi I am so pleased with the sword and will really take very care of it,

thank you very mush also, for the quickly sending to me and your comments of the sword.Transportation with the EMS only take 3 days,

it was very good and the way you wrote on the paper was perfect.On Friday 21/4  I go the bank and transfer the money for the YAMATO ITEM 0510-1021.Can I write as I did last time, on bank receipt to you, to your bankaccount ,so you will have it as soon as possible.

Would like you to sent it to me ,in the same way as before , resonable value.

Thank you again.
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