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e-sword CO., LTD

Masayuki Hirako

Antique permit number
Saitama Prefecture Public Safety Commission No.431080031369
Member Associations

A Prime Minister authorization association
(A national sword dealer association : ZENTOSHO member)

NBTHK Japan (The Societi for Preservation Japanese Art Swords) member

An antique permission number:
The Saitama Public Safety Commission No431080031369


Post Code 350-1115
Noda-machi1-4-19 1F
Kawagoe City Saitama Prefecture Japan
TEL +81-49-246-6622
FAX +81-49-246-1407
E-mail info@e-sword.jp  
URL https://www.japanese-sword-katana.jp/

Commodity price display
Display of price including tax.
Application of expiration 7 days
Privacy protection
Strictly managed so that there is no leakage, etc.
Do not use other than required for personal information.


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