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Detailed description of the koshirae (dai shou set:long and short set)


Picture of Japanese name
in koshirae-bukuro(bag)
Kakusho Kakusho Black lacquered
Large and small edge Fish out map Red copper Uoji high-carved gold, silver, copper color painting nameless large small head black lacquered angle
Menuki (large) chestnuts (small) persimmons and chestnuts, Akoji, colored gold, silver, and copper
Small Petite Drawing Iron Base Gold, Silver, 4 Bu One, Copper Inlay
Katsumushi Toru, wood, iron, shade, hair, hair carving, corner ear, small meat, katamata hole (large buried in lead) Yamayoshihei and the name
Full length of the koshirae94.0cm
Grip length Length of the tsuka22.5cm
Length of the saya Length of the saya71.0cm
鞘Curvature(SORI) A curve of saya2.58cm
Small (shou:short)
Full length of the koshirae66cm
Grip length Length of the tsuka16.5cm
Length of the saya Length of the saya48.8cm
鞘Curvature(SORI) A curve of saya1.43cm
Country(KUNI)・Period(JIDAI)The Edo era.
Registration -
Certificate NBTHK Hozon 26/06/2009




黒塗鞘大小拵 Picture of Certificate

黒塗鞘大小拵 Picture of parts



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